Boxes for Moving

One of the best ways to save money and time when you are buying boxes for moving is to think about the items you will be taking with you. There is nothing like going through the stress of moving, only to find that your household belongings are damaged or missing. Here are some great tips to remember when purchasing boxes for moving that everyone can use:

Start by packing light items like clothing that you know you know you will not be using for a while, such as winter or summer items that are in your closet. These are the easiest items to get out of your way and also the easiest items to fit into boxes for moving.

Next, sort out your heavier items. When buying boxes for moving, always remember that the heavier an item is, the smaller the cardboard box you should use. A good example would be books. One book is light, but large boxes full of books get too heavy for any one to lift. Books should always be packed in small cardboard boxes. Trying to pack up a lot of books in large cardboard shipping boxes will cause back strain or break up the cardboard shipping boxes you have purchased, and no one wants to see their book collection spilled all over the sidewalk.

Try and keep the weight of the moving boxes under 40 pounds. A common rule is that if you can’t lift the cardboard shipping box by yourself, then you should try packing the items into smaller moving boxes. Remember the easier it is for you to lift and carry the cardboard shipping boxes you purchase, the faster they will be loaded and unloaded from your vehicle when moving. Smaller boxes for moving also fit better on a dolly than larger boxes for moving.

When it comes to priceless items such as family heirlooms and jewelry it is wise not to let moving companies pack them. The insurable value will not come anywhere close to the value you place on them if they should be damaged or lost during the moving process. A good example of such items is sports memorabilia, hobby collections, jewelry, and photo albums. It is recommended that you pack these precious items yourself into separate moving boxes, and take them with you in your car. Remember to use proper moving supplies such as bubble and stretch wrap when packing these fragile items.

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