Fun Dog Activities

All dog breeds were developed for a purpose. Some breeds were developed to herd sheep, some to hunt game, and some to pull sleds. Dogs, like humans, enjoy having a purpose in life. Dogs like to lead a structured life and be able to associate with their owners in activities and be given the opportunity to please their owner. The ...

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Buying a Mastiff Puppy

Yes I am a breeder from “Island West Mastiffs”. I have sold many mastiff pups over the years Many to great homes and a few, not so good . I have also bought and Imported mastiff pups . I too have been on the search for the right mastiff puppy. By reading this you have started searching the right way ...

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Is Pet Dental Health Really Important?

Many veterinarians stress the importance of oral hygiene because tooth and gum problems are common medical conditions seen in pets. If left unchecked, an unhealthy mouth can affect the liver, kidneys, heart and even the brain. So when you lean in to give your pet a smooch, ask yourself “Does my pet need a breath mint?” Studies show that 98% ...

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Animal Care: Pet Pests Are Back!


While most Garden Buffs can hardly wait for spring and summer to arrive, many pet owners fear this lovely time of year. They know it’s the beginning of flea and tick season. While the exact time when these tiny pests appear en masse to torture pets and humans alike may vary, a wise Pet Owner starts to prepare for their ...

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Dogs Are Gods of Frolic

Dog Frolic

Dogs are amongst the most amazing creatures because they give unconditional love. Dogs love their masters and the masters reciprocate by providing them with all the things of comfort they can afford. Dog supplies are important and useful things for keeping your dog healthy and happy, and include items for dog grooming and maintaining good dog health. Canine or dog ...

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Caring For Your Dog

Dog Care

Dogs are social animals that have worked with humans for thousands of years. They have played an important role in various different cultures. Dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and loyalty, and it is important to train and care for them properly. Despite the importance of dogs, owners may find that there are many challenges in training and caring ...

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Feeding And Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Dog Food

A healthy puppy should be clear-eyed, somewhat roly-poly, loose-skinned, free from any skin trouble, hungry for its meals, and lively. It should not be timid or shy. If the puppy seems warm or sleepy most of the time, ask one of your parents to take its temperature. A dog’s temperature normally is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius. If its ...

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Those Amazing Penguins


The movie, The March of the Penguins, has raised a great amount of interest in penguins. One never imagined penguins to be so driven. Here’s an overview of the amazing penguins. Known as the little tuxedos, penguins have always seemed a bit odd as animals go. All of that changed, however, with The March of the Penguins, a movie about ...

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Insider Tips in Controlling Ticks & Fleas effectively


Most of the animal owners face a real challenge in tackling ticks, fleas and lice which infests their animals resulting in reduced productivity and health. Even more importantly, they are also concerned about the zoonotic nature of those infestations. In-fact, field veterinarians are mostly smart enough in choosing the best molecule to tackle this menace, but the issue is also ...

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