TURKEY: Crossroads of Civilizations – The Dream Land to Have Unforgettable Vacations

Everyone who dreams to experience an unforgettable vacation to remember must go to Turkey. Once you have a vacation in Turkey you would most probably want to go there over and over again as most of its tourists do.

Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia, a crossroads of civilizations. In fact, since 12,000 B.C. to the 21st Century A.D. many civilizations lived in this vast land leaving invaluable remnants of their cultures.

You might need to get some information before going there, so here it is: Turkey is bounded on three sides by seas. If you go to the south, you would get to the Mediterranean, with its coast stretching to the Aegean Sea at the South Western part of Turkey, blending blue sea and green pine forests, giving this beautiful sea-shore its name, the Turquoise Coast. This region alone offers unforgettable vacation opportunities.

Many small islets and the rocky coves along the coast interspersed with breathtaking pristine sandy beaches make this seacoast ideal for sailing and yachting. Actually, you can find numerous yacht charter bureaus there offering crewed yachts and yacht vacations along the charming Turquoise Coast.

You might want to visit the historic city of Antalya which lies at the centre of the Turquoise Coast, under spectacular coastal mountains to the west and an old quarter situated on a cliff top overlooking a pleasant harbor. Near the eastern part of the city, 18km from Antalya, lie the ruins of the ancient city, Perge, which was an important city in Pamphylia, a Hittite settlement around 1,500 B.C., on an important trade route. St. Paul stopped here on his way to Rome in 46 A.D.

You would also visit the restored remnants of the magnificent Roman theater Aspendos nearby Antalya, built by the renowned Roman architect Xenon in the 2nd Century, A.D. with a capacity of an audience of 15,000 people, still famous for its outstanding acoustics, and still hosting opera and ballet festivals, and similar performances every year. You should have attended the Verdi’s magnificent opera AIDA when performed in this gorgeous ancient theater about a decade ago. You can still attend the next performance of the opera and ballet festival in June, in this beautiful Roman theater. In a small room next to the stage, now turned to a small museum, you can see some of the ancient masks and clay tickets used in the Roman times.

Nearby also stand the ruins of the largest aqueducts in Anatolia, a basilica, and agora.

In Antalya you can ski on mountain tops in the morning and swim in the Turquoise waters at a pristine beach in the afternoon the same day.

The Aegean Sea lies along the western coast of Turkey. There are many peaceful bays and modern holiday resorts, such as Kusadasi and Bodrum on this rugged coastline. The ruins of the ancient Greek cities of Aeolia and Ionia, and the remnants of Troy lie along the northern and central areas of this Aegean region. Pergamom stands on its high mount. Ephesus, called as Asia Minor in Roman times, famous with its gorgeous library which still stands strong, and enormous open-air theatre attracting great number of tourists every year. The remains of the secretive Priene on its mountain side is another location of ancient times attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Black Sea forms the northern boundaries of Turkey with its temperate climate and verdant shores. This is a land of legendary fierce of the Amazon women, and Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. Hazelnut bushes and tea groves cover the fertile fields of this region. The relatively quiet charms of the Black Sea coast create a paradise for visitors who wish to breakaway from the more developed regions.

Among the inland wonders Turkey offers are the travertines of Pamukkale (cotton castle) and the expansive ancient city of Aphrodisias with its delicately carved statues, acknowledged as among the best of the ancient world.

In the central Anatolia, the unique moonlike landscape of Cappadocia with its houses and early churches carved in the massive rocks has captivated and astounded many. Visitors would remember this volcanic region with its fairy chimneys wearing rock hats and cities carved up to ten or more flats under ground, with surprising ventilation systems, as a place offering modern facilities, but seeming as an enchanting place out of this world.

Turkey has many mountains and rivers perfect for white water rafting. Koprucay near Antalya and Coruh near Erzurum are top choices of experienced rafters.

Tourism has been at the forefront of Turkey’s recent and very rapid economic and social changes. The number of tourists visiting Turkey has grown from just over one million in 1974, to an annual figure of around 21 million in 2005. Tourism revenues have seen an even more dramatic growth, from $42 Million in 1974 to around $18,5 Billion a year, in 2005.

Now Turkey’s tourism facilities have matched this boom, offering a wide variety of hotels and resorts, in every category; accommodations ranging from small and clean rooms, some located in volcanic caves, to world class 4-5 star luxury hotels, including beautiful Golf and Beach Resorts in the Antalya and Belek region, and in other regions along the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea coasts of Turkey.

Turkey offers the most inexpensive vacations without sacrificing quality. In other words, have an unforgettable dream vacation in Turkey enjoying world class quality from start to the end, at lowest prices in the world.


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