Why Medical Travel?

How It Works

At Divine Medicare we are committed to helping you make the best decision regarding your medical needs. To eliminate the guesswork, we provide a detailed description of the process you will follow when you accept our assistance in your medical tourism journey to wellness! Our commitment to servicing and supporting you is what makes us shine as a top medical travel company.

BEFORE MAKING A DECISION – “Register yourself with Divine Medicare”

Introduction to Divine Medicare
Once we receive your information you will be assigned a designated point of contact who will be available to assist you over the phone, fax, Instant Message, or, via email – your choice and convenience. He or she will answer any questions about our services and assist you in preparing your medical journey.

Review your Medical Procedure Requirements
After we receive your information know the medical procedure that you are seeking, we will begin the process of designing the best available treatment options for your specific procedure. We will send you the detailed information about the hospitals and doctors.

Provide Transcripts, MRI, X-rays, etc.
For many medical procedures, the doctor will need to see your transcripts, MRI’s, x-rays, photos, etc. We have the technology to send the documents/images over to the doctors – the process is completely secure and private.

Medical Questionnaire Submission
We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to best inform your surgeon of your medical history.

Pricing and Accommodation
During this process, you will receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations. Also, you’ll be provided with a host of information about the medical tourism procedure(s), hospital, doctors, etc.


Review the price quotation, financing options and discuss potential dates to travel

At this point, you have decided to pursue medical tourism in India and details around the procedure(s) you are seeking, and your accommodations will need to be discussed and planned. Also, we’ll talk about any special accommodations necessary to your specific situation.

If the pricing is acceptable to you, we will move along to other aspects of the journey. We will coordinate the communication process between you and the hospitals and chosen surgeons. Teleconference facilities are available for you and/or your primary physician in the US to talk to the attending doctor and surgeon in India. You will also receive pricing for the travel and other concierge services you may require for the itinerary that best meets your needs.

• Receive a price quotation for air travel, travel insurance and any special services you may require
• You will be directed to speak with our specialists to develop a travel itinerary that best suits your needs.


Passport/Visa acquisition 
If you need a passport or a visa, Divine Medicare will assist you in acquiring these documents.

Itinerary to Confirm Procedure(s), Flight, Hospital, Doctor and Hotel 
Once all the reservations are completed, we will send you an itinerary for your review and final confirmation. We are dedicated to make your trip as pleasant and stress free as possible. Your travel information will be customized to your procedure and destination and will guide you through the journey.

Pre-Travel Information 
Before traveling, we will provide you with a host of information about the destination you’ll be traveling to.

Departure from your Local Airport 
Divine Medicare will go over the checklist to ensure you have everything you need to board your plane to begin your journey.

Divine Medicare again, will be waiting at the other end to greet you and take you to your hospital or hotel.


Divine Medicare Representative Greets you upon Arrival 
Divine Medicare will assist and support you throughout your stay. We will be there for you every step of the way. Divine Medicare representative will accompany you to all your doctor’s appointments and medical treatments.

Transport to Hotel
A private, air conditioned car will take from the airport to your destination.

Pre-Surgery Consultation with Medical Team 
Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will visit your physician’s office for the pre-surgery consultation. Here, the doctor will review your medical transcripts and conduct additional tests to ensure that you are ready for your procedure.

Surgical Procedure 
Your procedure will be performed by the best available surgeon, at a world-class medical facility, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. When you use Divine Medicare as your medical travel company, you can rest assured that you are only being treated by only accredited and highly skilled medical professionals. Medical tourism in India means getting quality medical care at an affordable price.


Post Treatment Recuperation
When the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the hospital and driven back to your hotel to begin the recuperation process. During this time your main focus will be on recuperation.

Post Treatment Rejuvenation 

After recuperating and the surgeon are satisfied with your progress, you will be given the go-ahead to enjoy some of the interesting attractions your medical and health tourism destination offers. Divine Medicare will be available to assist you with any arrangements.


Divine Medicare will assist you in transferring all your medical records to your home country and your local physician there.

We will be in regular touch with you to check on your health and treatment recovery. Divine Medicare would assist you in every possible manner if in case you need to correspond back to your surgeon in your chosen destination country.